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Network Storage

Don’t forget to back up your important data. ITR recommends saving your files to your network storage, since these folders are backed up regularly by ITR and can be accessed from any computer, unlike files on your local machine.

Available Drives

Type Name/Link to Access It Users
Home directory Your username (e.g., abc123) Only you have access to this drive's contents; no other individuals are able to access it.
Departmental Your department's name (e.g., ITR) Each faculty or staff departmental drive is accessible by all of that department's full-time faculty and staff. Some departments also allowed limited access for student workers or part-time employees; departments must notify the ITR department when such employees enter or leave their employment.
Interdepartmental The special purpose of the collaboration (e.g., 2013-2016 Strategic Planning) Faculty and staff may request interdepartmental folders for collaboration between individuals from multiple departments.

Accessing your Network Storage

  • On any Windows computer on-campus, go to the Start Menu, click Computer, and double-click the folder with your username to access your Home Directory drive.
  • On any Mac computer on-campus, double-click the icon on the desktop with your username on it to access your Home Directory drive. Save files to your desktop, then drag them into the icon folder to copy them to your Home Directory drive. If you do not see a network folder with your user name on the desktop, open the Applications folder in Finder and run the application called "DriveMounter Personal". Follow the prompts for user name and password, and your folder will appear on the desktop.
  • Using Filezilla for Off-Campus Access
  • Manually Mapping Shared Drives On-Campus (PC/Windows)

User Storage Limits

To ensure that email systems and file storage resources are available for all users, limits are established on the resources that individual users may consume. These limits ensure that no single user can cause a resource problem that affects all of us.

For students, the home directory drive quota is limited to 1 GB; for faculty and staff, 10 GB.

Anyone who is over quota will receive an email from ITR indicating this. We will allow 2 weeks from when the email is sent for one to bring his/her use within acceptable quota limits. After the 2 week grace period, ITR will run scripts to remove files from the offending shares starting with the largest files first and reducing in size until the drive is back within quota. Please note that this data WILL BE DELETED from the server permanently. If you need help determining your file sizes, current usage, etc., please contact ITR for assistance at 610-902-8366 or

For demonstrated needs in support of the mission of Cabrini College, additional space may be granted. Address requests and justifications to Information Technology and Resources at