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ResNet Internet Access

ResNet provides a wired high speed Internet connection for each student living in the Residence Halls on Cabrini’s campus. This network connection should be considered the student's primary means of network access.

To ensure that computers are safe and protected, computers on ResNet wired Internet connections need to be registered and scanned once per semester. This registration process will begin automatically once you are connected to the wired network and attempt to browse to any website. For the average new student who needs updates installed and the antivirus installed, this process will take about 30 minutes. For the returning student who only needs updates, this process can be as quick as 5 minutes.

The ResNet process involves:

  1. Downloading and applying Windows or Apple operating system updates (Time Range: 1 to 60 minutes, dependent upon your computer speed and number of updates to install)
  2. Installing or updating the most recent version of Symantec Antivirus and current definitions (Time Range: 2 to 15 minutes, dependent upon computer speed, installation and updates)

To begin the ResNet registration process for your computer, connect your Ethernet cord into one of the Ethernet jacks in your dorm room. Typically this jack is located in the lower left (or just the lower) position of the wire station in your bedroom or common room. Please note, not all jacks in a wire station have active service, and some jacks are for the phone in your room. There will be one active jack for each student living in the room. If you’re not able to immediately connect to ResNet, try switching your cord to a different jack.

Students may contact the ITR Help Desk to resolve network connectivity issues in residence halls; however, the ITR Help Desk staff cannot enter the residence halls to connect student computers. If you need assistance registering your dorm network port in the beginning of a term, please call the ITR Help Desk at 610-902-8366. Make sure you are at the network port with your computer and ethernet cable so that the Help Desk can help walk you through some troubleshooting steps.

Students can use also access the following guides to troubleshoot ResNet issues on their own:

Windows/PC Resnet Troubleshooting Guide

Macintosh Troubleshooting Guide